It's owned by Bolt.It's Pokeball is a blue color with yellow and green spirals on.


Felynis is a highly reflexed Pokemon.You could easily see it as an anthropomorphic martial arts cat.This Pokemon is the Aura type.It's a mix of Fighting and Psychic.This Pokemon communicates by speaking through the mind.But usually when socializing with its kind, it makes a tiger-like purr sound.This Pokemon is also a legendary Pokemon.It's very unique.


Its fur is a light brown and tan color.It wears a human-like attire.Its outfit is a dark blue hue.It's scarf is a bright white.It's hands are topped with sharp retractable claws.It also wears white bandages around its wrist.It's tail is unique, at then end, it comes up as a closed fist.


Claw Whirlwind 95HP DamageEdit

Felynis jumps up extends its claws and starts to spin rapidly.It then starts to start hypersonic shockwaves and extends it to the whole battle field sending the opponent Pokemon flying with the sharp claws.

Tail Whip Punch 87HP DamageEdit

Felynis' tail starts to punch rapidly and swing at the opponent.It's claws also take effect.This never misses because Felynis isn't doing all the work, it's using it's strong tail.

Optical Pain 98 HPEdit

It starts to focus on the opponent's mind.It squeezes it to create a very ear-splitting pain of the mind.This does a great deal of damage.

Clone Attack (HP Damage Varies)Edit

The Pokemon creates real clones that start to attack the opponent.Since these clones are exactly the same and real, the actual Felynis can control them and take them back whenever.
Defense Attack Speed
30 60 80