Keirain manga

keirain is an evil pokemon ranger with a dark styler that can summon deamons from the underworld and from other dimentions.


kerain has long red hair and blue eyes that he hides in his hair. he wears a purple v-neck tanktop and a black school uniform jacket with jeans. he is 5'5" and weighs 88lbs.


keirain has a very special styler. it has one of the guardian signs he uses allready tattooed on to the styler. this sign summons the manifestation of evil, Cathulhu! speaking of which, his capture disk has the immage of cathulhu on the orb at the top. he ses his capture disk to crash into other rangers capture disks and he uses his cretures and pokemons to weaken the disks even moar untill they shatter. if an opponent trys to fight back useing one of there own pokemon, eirain just knocks that one unconcious.


keirain has a rather cold sadistic personality. he takes plesure in makeing his opponents suffer, by destroying there capture disks. his main goal is to destroy all pokemon rangers and trainers, but he has people to get the trainers for him. once keirain even held a pokemon ranger tournament in which the rules were that you would launch your capture disk into the arena and your disk would try to knock down the oppnents disk. you would choose one pokemon and would have three battle guardian signs that would signal your pokemon to use one of its moves. the loser would be whoevers disk was: a) stoped moving, b)knocked out of the arena, or c) compleatly destroyed.


he never actually uses real pokemon, instead he uses cretures from other dimentions, like the great old-thing/moga: CATHULHU! which he calls forth useing the neclolnomicon guardian sign. another one he uses is the tacgnol.