1. You must know how to ref because we are not teaching you(don't worry we'll teach you some ref terms)
  2. You must have a good record (no vandalism and spamming)
  3. You must be responsible
  4. You must be unbias and have anger control
  5. You must be trustworthy

Rules on becoming a refEdit

  1. You must ref at least 10 battles per month
  2. You must be fair while refing a battle
  3. You must describe your decisions

Current RefsEdit

  1. All Admins automatically

Pokecoins and Experience Points SystemEdit

Winning Player: 35 EXP and 300 Coins|Losing Player: 15 EXP and 180 Coins

If it is 1 vs. 2 or more then the person that wins gets 35 EXP and 300 coins for each person they beat.